We’re on a Countdown to the Remaking of Money - ¥ $ £ €

According to Citi Group 86% of the world’s Central banks are known to be working on remaking their native currency digital.

Navigating The Remaking of Money

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Countdown to the Digital ¥ $ £ €

The Bank of England has announced a new ‘CBDC’ department, and launched a taskforce on the digital Pound.

Closely following the European Central Bank’s announcement on the digital Euro, giving a timescale of four to five years. With decisions being formed and made right now.

Surfing Systemic Change

This will touch and affect everyone! Just as surely as the web and social media has – changing expectations and our environment, starting now.

In a shift widely regarded as the biggest systemic change since the advent of the Internet itself – or even the invention of money Digital Currencies are being irreversibly embraced around the globe – like it or not. And China are years ahead.

What do I Need to Know?

As with the web this will change, this time faster than ever, through the process of, now inevitable, mass adoption.

Opportunities and Pitfalls...

As with any systemic change these will appear on the horizon at various stages in the coming weeks and months and through the process of adoption – in this case perhaps doubly so.

CBDCs and ‘Traditional’ Digital Currencies & Assets

Five years ago Bitcoin was at $455, at the time of writing it’s almost £50,000.

CBDCs – that’s Central Bank Digital Currencies – are different in nature from Bitcoin and other digital currencies and assets in various ways. Not least because they’re backed by a government and therefore cannot go bust.

Yin & Yang

However in this next phase each will undoubtedly benefit from and grow with the other. Just as the digital Yuan(e-Yuan), now trialling in more than three cities in China, has benefitted from the experience and technologies developed elsewhere so the ‘cryptosphere’ will inevitably grow as CBDCs rapidly move forward towards acceptance around the world. Both creating many opportunities, both directly and indirectly.

Catching Up, Keeping Up – and Staying in The Loop

#RemakingMoney, announced on the same day as the Bank of England’s CBDC taskforce, is here to shine a light onto the otherwise unseen opportunities and pitfalls. To tell you all that you need to know, now – and right through the transition that is... The Remaking of Money!

#RemakingMoney Digital
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